The Wondrous Smirks of Timothy Jin

The Wondrous Smirks of Timothy Jin

1 chapter / 766 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


a short story i wrote when i thought i was open-minded



almost 2 years ago Kayla said:

Such a clever interpretation of the prompt and some incredibly powerful writing - damn.

Best of luck in Round 2

Me 1963

almost 2 years ago Linda D said:

A powerful story. The voice was perfect for the time and place.

Best of luck.


almost 2 years ago Emma Yeager-Chael said:

Oh my god. This was incredible. I was incredibly surprised by the language at first but I grew to love it. Your voice was powerful and you could hear it so clearly throughout this piece. Good luck in the competition!


almost 2 years ago Lee Ryder said:

This is so powerful. I was entranced the entire read. The story is so raw and real that it is on a level of 'pure' that a lot of stories don't reach anymore. I applaud this piece for its statements and eloquence. Best of luck to you.



over 1 year ago Robert Francis said:

Wow. Very deep in a good way.

Me 1963

almost 2 years ago Linda D said:

One thing. The prompt said use in dialog, and yours seems to be narrative. I only say that because you have the man at the end use dialog when he talks about her lack of smiling.

An easy fix.