five reasons i can't fall asleep

five reasons i can't fall asleep

4 chapters / 709 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


you know when its late and you can't sleep? yeah me too



over 2 years ago Josephine said:

I liked your collection of poetry because I could really relate to it. It think my favorite is the first: Night Play. Only because this is how I feel wanting to stay up and soak everything in. Coming in second would have to be "Not about the sounds". I liked the descriptions and the relate able topics especially the last one. The feel of being apart of something and the hope that you could change to world, or at least one person in it.


over 2 years ago Ava2121 said:

I love how free you were with capitalization. It added a unique quality to the poem. I've always been a late-night sleeper myself :)

Lion head

over 2 years ago Molly E said:

I can't review poetry because it's just so unique to the person writing it. I love this. It's building and the way you did the rhymes without rhythms...

Also the way in the first poem how you made the words spaced out how you did was very unique and memorable.


over 2 years ago Paradisefiggie said:

Very interesting poem, different from others I have read. I really liked it. Although I do have to agree with the person who commented before me the middle felt a little like rambling. BUT I still enjoyed it either way :)



over 2 years ago John Juliano said:

This is a delightful little collection, one I can definitely relate to. I am a rather restless specimen myself. I feel the moon whispering to me sometimes, at other times its my own thoughts. All these inner diversions, all just keep me up, and you have brought that feeling out in a really great way with this collection. Good job!


over 2 years ago Pretty Flower said:

Very nice poem. It brings out a lot of thought and makes the reader really question some things. The idea that you wrote about in your poem was hidden and that made it more fun to look for it. I enjoyed how you formulated your sentences and how you shaped the whole poem. Great job!