I See You

I See You

1 chapter / 34 words

Approximately less than 20 seconds to read


A poem for someone special to me


Romance, Poetry




about 1 year ago A.R. KYRON said:

That's short but awesome. Its a perfect gift for that special man of yours. :)

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about 1 year ago Mystic said:

The poem itself is very short, but it expresses a lot of meaning. Some of the semicolons could probably be replaced with commas, but I honestly think that's more of a stylistic choice - neither one is wrong, it's just what looks better to you. I really like that you started and ended with it same phrase; it seems to circle back around and really ties everything together.


about 1 year ago E. Valentine said:

Hi! I really liked this. It is short and sweet and to the point, but there's also a really cool character formation that happens within such a small amount of space. It is very effective in its expression of emotions, and I like that is very visual (ending in "I see you", the descriptions of his eyes/smile) and I really like the idea of someone speaking with "gentle ease". That was a description that took me by surprise in a good way!


over 2 years ago Olive Stillwell said:

how did you make so little words so powerful? good work!



12 months ago Haley Wingate said:

This may be a short poem, but the words are loaded with impact. I can tell you really love him, don't you? :) The way you describe the way you see him, wow I could feel that love. (That's why I love to give poetry to people I love as gifts, because you can basically just dump your raw emotions into the words and make it beautiful) I really like how you talked about "I see you". That's such a meaningful thing to us, isn't it...to be seen for who we are. Kind of the biggest thing we want from people. Well done. :)

I really have nothing to critique here. This was a beautiful, sweet poem. I could almost hear it with soft piano music in the background. X) Keep writing! You have real talent and I look forward to reading more of your poems in the future!