A Friend

A Friend

1 chapter / 196 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


This is about a friend of mine that is having a lot of troubles being nice to other friends and everything seems to be revolving around her :/ I'm sure most people have gone through or seen something like this before :P


Writing, Drama, Poetry


Me me and med 011

almost 5 years ago Lauren<3's Writing said:

Wow another great work of yours keep it up!:) you are awesome and thanks for friending me I enjoy reading all of your stuff!

Broadsword avi

over 6 years ago Kamiko-chan said:

Very good except I noticed some "your" where it should be "you're." But other than that, the poem was nice, though seemed a little more serious than the cover art led me to believe... though I have to say the cover art is epic.


almost 7 years ago Rene<3 said:

oh! simple! all you do is when ur writing the book u can choose the cover right? well u click bellow the picture on browse, but first u need a picture on ur desktop, and that's it! personally i go on picnik.com and play around w/ the fonts cause it's fun, but u can do w.e u want!!! it's awesome!


almost 7 years ago Caitlyn said:

I love this poem!!!!!! Although, I was wondering, how do you up load those awesome covers and avatars??? I want one really bad!!!


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