Casting Shadows

Casting Shadows

4 chapters / 6285 words

Approximately 31 minutes to read


//In a horrific accident, Avery (Jo) and Luke must try to survive against the odds. After a trauma later, Jo wakes up to realize that she remembers next to nothing of her old self, or the accident that took so many lives. She must rely on those she was once closest to to try to unravel her past. In the midst of a nationally growing conflict, not remembering means certain death, but finding out what happened could put not only Jo, but also those she's closest to, at stake. She must rely on others to unravel her past. And when she discovers that it may not have been an "accident", Jo can only hope she hadn't trusted the wrong people...\\



Drama, Thriller, Novel



over 2 years ago Clarice Evenings said:

That was amazing. I didn't think I was going to enjoy it as much as I did. And I really like how the I got to see Luke's point of view!


over 2 years ago Hazel Nethershine said:

This is absolutely PHENOMENAL!!!!!! I was only planning on reading one chapter but you pulled me in and I had too read more! There were a few spelling errors in the last chapter, but great plot, strong characters that the readers fall in love, and over all amazing story! Please write more!!!!!!!!!


over 2 years ago Myranda Hosley said:

I like this. Please, please continue as soon as possible. Keep writing :)


over 2 years ago The Pizza Queen said:

I cannot wait for more. Wow. That was amazing. I really really love the plot of the story and how you tried to make it as detailed as possible. I also appreciate the effort you put into writing the same dialogues while narrating from Luke's point of view. I was kind of sad that Theo died though :'( But overall your story was really amazing and I cannot wait for more!



over 2 years ago Brianna Callanan said:

Chapter 1 Left a comment already. Chapter 2 I like this chapter. It is great. I like how we might have a suspect from what Luke was getting a bad feeling from a person. I also like how we get to see after the plane crash. I like the injuries; especially Luke's because he is more focused about other people then his own injury even though it is bad. So we get to see more of his personality. Then I think you meant to write fixed instead of fixes. Other than that great job. Chapter 3 This is also a great chapter. I find this chapter bittersweet. There is relief/joy and sadness. There are some spelling and grammar mistakes. Great job.

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over 2 years ago Nicolette Christiansen said:

When I say "chapter" I'm talking about the little bar at the bottom :)

Chapter 2: "I shudder at the thought of being around sick people--it makes me want to puke" I think runs a little better than the choppiness, but these are just suggestions!!! Authors choice :) ultimately idk if you do stuff for a reason

Please(,) Can I?

I love the little guestures you add of Theo's. I'm getting that he's fairly young and maybe a brother sister relationship? but i'll keep reading to find out

HAHA omg I love the character's personality. I can see it all unfolding in my head lol. Can you tell I'm enjoying your writing??

"flash(,) warning us " so the "us" isn't repeated

"last place (I'll ever be)" she doesn't need to go because she's already there

(a)n uneasy feeling settles

of course there isn't a bag!

haha I like that Theo interacts lol adorable

"tip?" (h)e asks

Is this a love interest??? because I love this kid but i literealy have no clue about any of their ages yet so for all I know the boy is maybe 5 years old lol and she's 17...creepy then

Okay sexual advances...not too young I'm guessing lol

brother sister confirmed!

aahahah boy be judgemental lol

who said "the prettiest ones are always cooks" cooks was the word that Theo used, so I'm not sure who's talking

"I think since he swore, she could counter by saying "dont' use that language he's only...six or seven or whatever" that way we get his age and she establishes ground rules

What does Luke look like? Is she attracted to him? because that's the only way I can think why she's still engaging in conversation

Ah or the "i'm 8" helps, but it would be more fluid

"jo?"(h)e asks

since you have three people talking you have to be careful about adding who is talking. "intersting. does..." not sure who's talking

"so(,) all I know"

Ah th butterflies- attraction see you're nailing all my points without me even saying it lol

"stop that, i commanded it" what does that mean? not sure what the purpose of that is

"and(,) therefore(,) better view" hahah I like that line it's snarky

is she just not sick at ALL anymore? lol Romance for the cure!

"Avery(,) I have to"

mmm really confused on what's going on this last paragraph. Is she standing waiting for Theo to get out? because there's no windows near that area.

Great job! I love the natural flow of dialogue! can't wait for more, but I'll wait for your swap in return before I go on.