24 chapters / 12358 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Book One of The End Series.
Year: 2136
It's time for the United Nations of the Globe Convention again. But are the nation's really united? Rumors and possibilities of war are forming between Russia and America.
Two people. An unlikely team.
A proud American man, and a dignified Russian woman team up and try to mend the two countries, with help of course.
What will happen if they fail?

(If your Russian I mean no offence to you ^_^ I only want world peace and I’ve been wanting to make a doomsday book anyway. It dosent matter what nation you come from I see us all as equal. =D)

A prequel to Enduring



almost 2 years ago Alexa Ferris said:

I love the cover by the way!


almost 2 years ago Ninoshka Aviles said:

I've started the first two chapters and I cant wait to read more and find out whats going to happen between russia and american. This is really exciting!

Aliceb5 (1)

over 2 years ago Coral Vaci said:

Thanks! ^◡^


over 2 years ago writer said:

I totally laughed when Sophia told Daniel and Grant to "pipe down". XD



almost 2 years ago Alexa Ferris said:

Just read chapter one! I love it so far, and I have a few suggestions. 1 - I think you should open with a "hooking" sentence to pull the readers in, instead of jumping to a description of Grant and the United Nations Convention. 2- India is not in the Middle East!! (sorry, that was bothering me) 3- I would love more description of the building and people that Grant is surrounded by. Other than those 3 things, chapter one is a great first chapter! I can't wait to read more!!! Good job :)

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almost 2 years ago Sarah Summers said:

I like this so far. It sounds interesting. Will continue to read, slowly. Good job writing it.