As of Yet Untitled

As of Yet Untitled

11 chapters / 12056 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Jacenia and Jaden are two college students from different backgrounds who have never met before tonight. But they can both feel a mysterious shared past bubbling just beneath the surface of their relationship. Have they met before? Did they share something in another life?



about 6 years ago samizer0313 said:

More, More, More!

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almost 7 years ago Ayesha Granger Farid said:

This is so amazing! I couldn't stop reading! Please update soon! I really enjoy your plot! :) I still understand how HARD it is to keep up with a story when you have so much work (mostly school). But, still, you're a born writer, I can just tell! :) Update soon so I can read what you have in store for us!!!!!! Oh, and can you check out my story, please? I need feedback on it so I know if it's any good or not...Thank you!!!!!! :)


almost 7 years ago Joshua Douglas Jack Miller said:

Oh boy! I am only on the third chapter, but I already love this! I can't wait to read the rest then give a review! GREAT JOB!


almost 7 years ago Aaron Barnett said:

I just started the book and love it so far. It's the type of book I can't wait to finish. Will write a review once finished



almost 7 years ago Lana C. Marilyn said:

This was so engaging I ended up reading it from beginning to end! Originally, I had only meant to read many the first two or three chapters, but I was hooked. That's a credit the engagingness of your work.

I was a little hesitant about the "lovers from a past life" plot line. It's been done numerous times, and therefore leaves plenty of room for cliches: each party leaving their respective significant other for this sudden and new "true love".

I found it interesting (though a little odd) that they'd suddenly share the same vision of the past upon their first meeting. You do a good job of describing the conflicting emotions that follow that encounter, and I can definitely get a good visual of the chemistry between them.

I think you should try to avoid repeating the same adjectives - you use "breathtaking" and "dazzling" way too many times to describe their smiles. I'd also hope that you have intentions of developing some sort of B-plot relating to Jaden's studies and his professor. The fact that you made it a central issue twice indicates it may prove relevant later. If that's not what you're aiming for, consider downplaying his frustration in later revisions.

Also, the scene where Jacenia decides to break up with Max seems a little rush. Up until that point, he didn't really come across as controlling, and so her sudden declaration of him "trying to boss her around" seems partially unfounded. Also, there should be a line of dialogue before Max says, "You don't want to do this."

What I do like is the twist of Max knowing what's going on between Jacenia and Jaden. I think that was interesting to include, and I'm curious to see where you go with, and how exactly Max is involved in this sense of "deja vu" you have going on.

Really great job; I enjoyed this!


about 7 years ago Megan Tripp said:

Thanx everyone for your reviews and comments! @Sharada and Lilly: yeah, this is my novel-in-progress so it's nowhere near finished, I'm slowly piecing together the rest but wanted your opinions as I work. Descriptions will definitely be added soon! haha Thanx again guys! :)