Birdsongs: The Virtuous War

Birdsongs: The Virtuous War

1 chapter / 1195 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


A last tale before dreamtime, of a war long ago but quite devastating, with lasting effects.




over 6 years ago Robert Markowitz said:

I read Birdsongs, liked it very much. You use language very effectively to create the mood of this world.


over 6 years ago Kimberly Ellen said:

Stuart, I am so impressed with your writing! Thank you for inviting me to share in the reading of this story.


over 6 years ago Gloria Goverman said:

Love the sense of family and the oral tradition and sense of magic. All the best elements of a good fantasy or fable. Nice job. Would love to read more and hope you're planning some soon!


over 6 years ago Penelope James said:

Vivid writing, unforgettable story. Haunting and reminiscent of legendary lore. Would love to read more from this author.



over 6 years ago Abhisek Panda said:

Very interesting story.Makes the reader read till the end...Which is the quality of any good story.I like Birdsongs:The Virtuous War.


over 6 years ago Lisa Vooght said:

Captivating. Story telling at its best; it's engaging, thematic, creates it's own world and language elements, and contains a larger message for all without being overly didactic.