Birdsongs: The Virtuous War

Birdsongs: The Virtuous War

1 chapter / 1195 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


A last tale before dreamtime, of a war long ago but quite devastating, with lasting effects.




over 6 years ago Eleanor said:

Beautiful story, Stu!


over 6 years ago Daniel Egan said:

Beautifully written, exhibits a natural flow from which the reader is seamlessly swept away to a world facing peril and despair. Reminiscent to the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, or even perhaps, the fall of Rome, Birdsongs reminds us to learn from the failures of those of us who have gone before. It reminds us that our destiny is the light which shines forth into the darkness, and that light shall not perish into the forgotten catacombs of yesterday, but rather break forth into the unending possibilities of tomorrow...


over 6 years ago Hajra said:

You have a wonderful way with words and this story just strengthens the fact further! Loved it absolutely! Hope you win!


over 6 years ago Muriel Jacques said:

A beautiful story. I was transported in another time and place. Exactly what I needed at the end of a long week.



over 6 years ago Abhisek Panda said:

Very interesting story.Makes the reader read till the end...Which is the quality of any good story.I like Birdsongs:The Virtuous War.


over 6 years ago Lisa Vooght said:

Captivating. Story telling at its best; it's engaging, thematic, creates it's own world and language elements, and contains a larger message for all without being overly didactic.