Little Red Cap

Little Red Cap

1 chapter / 529 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


The real story behind Little Red Riding Hood ;) Flash Fiction. Art by twilightzant on DeviantArt. Only edit is the addition of the title.



over 2 years ago aaron mitchell said:

Very cool take, especially the idea of the hood. That was particularly interesting. The opening of the second paragraph, with the size contrast, was solid. Very good.


over 2 years ago Zakiya Tiaire said:

I enjoyed, it was definitely interesting. I feel like the climax is kind of out of nowhere and there isn't much a resolve, but other than that, great job! This is just my opinion.


over 2 years ago Cleveland W. Gibson said:

Flash fiction is when every word is made to count. Here is a story full of tension but somehow the tale is spun out with not needed words. Find a way to increase the tension? What is the conflict that drives Little Red on? We know a lack of blood is one conflict but find another. make that second conflict come to the grand climax. Use it. Show the reader and then when your story ends something lingers. Try it. You are already half way there so start writing and have fun. Best


over 2 years ago Anastasia Williams said:

This is amazing and the idea is just... perfection. o.o I can't wait for more.


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