Evie's Ideas

Evie's Ideas

1 chapter / 1191 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


As Evie sits down to write a story, she is joined by her old nemesis, Writer's Block, and her hero, Inspiration. As the three interact, Evie tries to regain the Ideas Writer's Block has stolen from her, while Inspiration and Writer's Block perform the ultimate duel. This is my entry for the enemy contest. Thanks for reading! :D



over 5 years ago Tessa Graves said:

That was incredibly creative. I wish that was how I got rid of writer's block, because that would be awesome. Except for the whole tickling thing, because I hate being tickled. Just one thing, when they start the duel, it's "En garde" instead of "On guard"... It's french or something, but they're pronounced the same way



about 6 years ago Catlin Smith said:



over 6 years ago Lydia Albano said:

That was amazing!! I loved it so much. My favorite of the enemy contest entrees I read, I think. I love the idea- it's so original, but at the same time, any writer can understand. Incredible. (And funny too; your plays on words are fantastic.)

Falling for a nice guy cover

over 6 years ago Sheri said:

i really enjoyed this. very creative! good work.


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