The Cactus and the Koala

The Cactus and the Koala

1 chapter / 367 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


What happens when a near-sighted koala sees a cactus.


Writing, Comedy, Poetry



almost 5 years ago Jackie Pederson said:

Absolutely genius(: Love it!!

Marshmallow perfection

almost 6 years ago Chocoholic! said:

This was so perfectly unique. I love your poetry so much. :D Gmc


about 6 years ago S.E.T. said:

This is awesome! I love your rhyme scheme, and the language is...(looks up a very wordy word in the dictionary) amazing! (Not very wordy. Oh well) Great job! =]


over 6 years ago krystelle faulkener said:

That is so darn cute :) Koalas are so cute.The rhyming was great, even if it didn't always follow a pattern. The rhythm was stunning, I must say, because it was steady throughout the whole piece. I love how this was funny, but still had a moral to it. ~



over 6 years ago Anna Browne said:

This is really cute! Lol. The koala drew me in because I'm Australian, but this is super sweet! I absolutely adore it and the way you rhyme. I'm totally showing this to my dad, who is the one that makes me Aussi. :D Lol. ~Nymphie


over 6 years ago Kellyn Lawler said:

Another great piece. Absolutely genius, really. I never would've thought of something like this. Wow. :)