Addie Blaze

Addie Blaze

54 chapters / 68736 words

Approximately about 6 hours to read


Addie knew that her father had secrets, but this was ridiculous. Her father is dead and the police say that he was a drugs smuggler. Addie knows that's a lie and she know that she's the only one who can prove it.

Then her father's old friend, Ryan, appears, and agrees to help her as long as she helps him. Unfortunately, this means she has to put herself in danger and spy on a millionaire for him. But that's just the beginning. Slowly she's becoming obsessed with finding the man behind her father's death, and she's getting herself deeper and deeper into danger.



about 2 years ago Poisoned Little Apple said:

You haven't published it...



about 2 years ago Tati-Pan said:

I have read your first chapter which kept me on the edge of my seat so I decided to write a small review. If you have time you could return the favor.

As I said above the story kept me on the edge of my seat. It's fast paced and it wants you to read more. The images are clear and fast.

What I found daunting was that Rich went to the lady and told her "The guy is dead, I'm sorry.." as if he didn't care. Instead of I'm sorry for your loss or something a bit more formal. (Except if you did that on purpose because the guy is that kind of guy who doesn't really care).

The second thing that I didn't understood was what the story is really about. Is it about the dead guy? Is it about Richard? I'm a bit confused about the real plot of the story. About what am I going to read in the rest of the book.

But bear in mind that your writing style is really good.


about 2 years ago Rowen Satell said:

I read the first 2 chapters, guessing it was close in length to The Drive. You've got a really cool idea here and so far Addie seems like a smart and interesting character. I had a bit of trouble getting into the story though because of the choppy sentences, the sentence structure doesn't provoke a lot of emotion from the reader. Other notes I caught while reading were...

- you note Mrs.Woods is 62 years old. I found this fact too specific without reason, making it distracting. (Chapter One)

- "Adam and Addie and Adam's-" You state Adam's name twice. (Chapter two)

- You make it clear that Addie shows no signs of sadness about her fathers death. Confusion yes, but no tears or real emotion. Yes, this could be her character, but it just makes her seem inhuman. Although its believable that she doesn't believe things are adding up, it makes it harder for the reader to connect with Addie if she seems so robotic towards her fathers death. She doesn't have to cry, but there are other ways of expressing grief that I feel would benefit her as a character.

You've got a really interesting idea here, and Addie seems like a smart character to have as a protagonist. Your blurb/description of the book certainly gains interest, and although the writing style isn't my preferred reading, I'm sure it will fit others taste and they'll enjoy this to it's full extent :) 56000 shows you've got serious dedication to this, truly inspiring! I'm always jumping from project to project, never finishing anything haha

I enjoyed reading this, thank you for the swap!