Life Without Me

Life Without Me

22 chapters / 28324 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


Ashley always wondered what life would be like without her. Little does she know, her wish is about to change life for everyone she knows.Her death starts a series of events in the lives of her friends and classmates. But are these changes in their best interests, or is it for the worst? That is what she has to decide--Does she move on from here, or does she turn back time?



over 5 years ago Angela Richart said:

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it (:


over 5 years ago Cait Cher said:

Very well written novel.

Slumber girl

about 6 years ago Artemis said:

CONGRATS, FOR THE PUBLICATION!!! Can't wait to buy it! If you continue and make a series you'll be rich!


about 6 years ago Aivilo said:

I can't wait to read it! But I can't right now... :( Congrats on getting this published!



over 5 years ago Abbey Evans said:

Wow... This is really great! I would look at the first chapter a little more 'cause I found a few little errors like;

"He said no." Jason coldly replied. Should say "He said no," Jason coldly replied.

I like "Lydia instantly shuddered at the ice in his voice."

I could picture the car scene perfectly, but it seemed to have a rather fast pace. I know it should, but it was a little TOO fast. So try to look over that a little.

Other than those little things, you have a wonderful story on your hands! It's a nice, long novel and I hope you're proud you have almost 60 likes! (:


over 6 years ago Becky Hill said:

I'm only going to review the first few chapters but I'll be sure to finish reading the rest soon :)

This is really interesting so far. You've added a good amount of detail here - enough to let readers know what's going on but not so much that they get overwhelmed. Your style is also great as well :)

The few things I have to say mostly revolve around the very first chapters. First off, I was pretty confused in the prologue; there was no background, and so all of Jason's mystery bothered me a little. There also wasn't much time to connect with them, so I didn't feel a huge sense of loss when he died. Also, I couldn't figure out why he said "Ashley" at the end, not Lydia.

In the next couple of chapters, I thought the plot was good, except a bit repetitive how both kids died from car crashes of some sort. The part with Kyle was cute though :)

Finally, you might want to run through it quickly and check for grammar. There was nothing that really jumped out at me, just a few errors here and there that you might want to clean up, and a run-through or two should do the trick :)

All in all, if you fix a few things, I think this could be an even better story than it is now :) I'll come back later to finish reading, but in the meantime, great job!