Touching Hearts

Touching Hearts

1 chapter / 233 words

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My very first poem. People come and go, each one taking a piece of our hearts when they leave but what happens when we see a shard of that same piece inside someone you've never met? How did it come to be there? Will our well of hearts shards dry up?
~© 2011 Victoria W.



over 3 years ago Korra Ly said:

I could feel that in the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much for this poem. Here's a little something just for you:

I don't know what to say The feeling wells up and goes What feeling is this God?

That small moment of peace that is so hard to find How do I keep it?

Then you answer, I have friends Family Love and You.

Thank you Victoria W.


over 3 years ago nokulunga said:

I.LOVE.this poem, i my goodness. it's so beautiful and i can really relate.


over 3 years ago Sara Elizabeth Triplett said:

absolutely amazing and for your first poem-even more astonishing! keep up the good work :-)

My blue eye

over 3 years ago Behind Sapphire Eyes said:

Absolutely beautiful! I wish I could say more, but no words come to my beckoning call.



almost 5 years ago Cynosure said:

I really like this poem! I love the way you paint a picture for the reader. I also can relate to this poem .:)

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over 6 years ago Happy Maddie said:

I really like this piece. I loved the concept involving God, and how he controls our life. I really liked the free -verse and I think you did well on your first poem. I love your cover, it looks like something by Sarah Dessen! I am also a member of the Living for Christ group, and I wrote a blog on my favorite Bible verses, if you want to check that out! c[=