1 chapter / 694 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


The beginning of a romance, done exclusively in dialogue.


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over 2 years ago Sydney Lacroix said:

For Our Swap:

This is so funny and entertaining to read. I loved the main characters and the story. Although, with just the dialogue, it is really easy to get confused on which person is talking. Other than that, I see nothing wrong with it. Thanks, and have a nice day!


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over 2 years ago Molly E said:

The title really makes it interesting! I'm surprised by what it actually ended up meaning. I know you didn't add dialogue tags, and probably for a reason; but I'm confused on whose talking. I would maybe every five sentences say one just to add a small clarification.

Also if he dropped his phone, how did she end up getting a hold of him?


over 2 years ago writer said:

this was really funny omg


over 2 years ago C.F.Ash said:

This is entertaining. I definitely enjoy this :)


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over 2 years ago L. R. Bauer said:

I like the idea behind this piece. You did a good job of letting the reader know who was speaking without dialogue tags. I found it amusing he lied about the oysters. If you ever were to turn this into a larger piece, a romcom novel perhaps, and flesh it out with descriptions and everything, I would be interested in reading it. Nice work.


over 2 years ago Evie Swings said:

I didn't have a problem understanding the dialogue-only concept at all. I think it is a very engaging way to write. Good job. The story was amusing and cute. I'd read it again, definitely!