Rules of The Friend Zone

Rules of The Friend Zone

32 chapters / 61508 words

Approximately about 5 hours to read


Warning: PG13 Content (mostly innuendos)
Three years after getting dumped by the love of his life, Jake struggles in the girl department until a mysterious but quirky blond shows up, ready to change his life. But there's always a catch: she is the one girl he can never date.

Spun off Playing The Friend Zone, a continuation of a story that never quite finished.



8 months ago Brooke Coffey said:

So I'm commenting now as I go through to because... this is so good!! My only complaint is that it isn't published because I prefer to hold a book while I read it, look off of paper not electronically.

But okay, So part of me wishes that Vanessa was a bit more stand offish to him, but I also love that she's at least sorta into him because it's always kind of annoying when the girl plays this hard to get butt and your like good lord woman cut him some slack. So that's pretty good honestly.

I like Jake a lot, he's so cool and collected. I almost thought he followed Vanessa but you played that one well because that would have been slightly creepy. And it's more, when the stars align type of thing now.

I love that your doing multiple perspectives. It gives insight to other characters you don't get to see otherwise.

I'm in love. You'll hear from me again soon as I keep reading.

Brooke :)


12 months ago v.c. snow said:

The erectile dysfunction line almost made me spit out my coffee! So clever. The MC is a likeable and relatable protagonist, which is sometimes hard to pull off, especially in the first chapter.

My major suggestions are to go through and fix all of the grammatical errors and sentence structure issues, because there are quite a few of them. Also, it was too random that the girl would just slide into the booth. No one does things like that, so it made it a little unrealistic. Other than that, you have a great story on your hands. Best of luck!


over 1 year ago Imtiaz Ali said:

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over 2 years ago Summer said:

Whoa, I've never seen Keira act like that. It's weird. I automatically thought maybe she was pregnant, most likely with Garrett's child, but then I'm probably just jumping to conclusions. It would explain her random behavior and her sudden strawberry shake craving, though :D I just hope Jake doesn't fall for her all over again! He has a nice thing going with Vanessa.



over 1 year ago Brooke Coffey said:

Forking...or not. Oh my goodness, so clever. I don't laugh out loud during reading most books, and this chapter had me in tears. It flowed so well. I definitely intend on reading the rest, but I wanted to review while it was fresh in my mind. The character was so quick witted... amazing. I love the mysterious introduction of the new girl too. She seems right up Jake's ally. LOVED IT. You've got serious talent.

Kelsey chow

almost 2 years ago Nocturne said:

Ground Rules and Bath Pools

I think it’s super cute that Jake’s so responsible. I can relate since I have younger siblings to babysit too lol

“Looks like someone doesn’t get to sleep tonight, and that person is me.” - I think “and that person is me” is unneeded because the first part of the sentence already implies HE’S not getting sleep

“ducking under my arm” - kinda awk. I imagined Jake with his arms at his sides, unless he was being all sexy-like and was leaning against the doorframe with one arm?

Awwww so she’s helping him. Super cute. I like where this is going :)

Oh, so Josh is 16? I imagined him to be a lot younger since Jake was trying to pry him away from Seth. And I can assure you 16-year-olds are more mature than that, in case you forgot ;) (lol jk)

“‘I only have younger brothers’” - lol me too girl me too. But honestly the boys are rowdier than the girls, at least to me…


Aww, oh yeah. Jake is totally the romantic type when it comes to sex, because of what happened that one time… poor him. :(

Haha he’s such a great guy, saying he isn’t like the other guys that tell girls what they wanna hear. Very insightful of him though I must say, and makes him even more like the ideal guy

Aww, no touching. Okay. I have a feeling these rules will be sooooo hard (pun not intended, or maybe i’m just too dirty-minded right now) to follow much later ;)

You, hannah, are a genius. I don’t believe you when you say you had trouble with this, cuz dude, this is pure genius.