10 chapters / 4355 words

Approximately 22 minutes to read


(this title was made by My friend, fairy tale freak!)This is a story about 3 kids who are working and becoming spy only this time NO fancy equipment. Just them trying to survive with only $300 and a few other things them have to give S.A.T.C.(spys across the country)the death plans of the French making a nuclear bomb and destroying the rest of new York and America. enjoy! ps hear is the code if needed K9Q1W-43WBQ-BZJBG


Action, Adventure, Novel




almost 2 years ago Baylee Clark said:

I read the first three chapters and will most likely read more:) this is a super cool story idea and I love it a lot! Good job!! I think there were a few grammatical errors, but those are an easy fix. Hope to read more of your work! :)


almost 2 years ago Joy and Dreamer said:

This is terrific! Great job!

Paris needs hep (1)

almost 2 years ago [TeamPhantom] aum0001(Offline) said:

I absolutely loved it


almost 2 years ago Colette [Rook] said:

Yay! An update! I love how she could figure all that out about the two guys just from listening to the sound of the footsteps. It was so funny. I also liked the interaction between Jake and Sarah that you had. So good!!!!!!!



almost 2 years ago Delilah Moore said:

You're rushing into this way to fast. Slow it down a little. Pace! Describe! Other than that, I think you did a good job! :)


about 2 years ago Colette [Rook] said:

So glad you updated this! I loved it! Now I can't stop thinking about Optimus and the cheesecakes now. I'm very happy you mentioned that. It was so funny!

I think you also created a very believable reality for a homeless man. I also like the way you don't directly say that he has no home, but it's one of those facts that gets transferred to the reader anyway. Terrific job and I'm totally dying to see what comes next!