The Rose & The Thorn

The Rose & The Thorn

1 chapter / 69 words

Approximately half a minute to read


Writing, Drama, Poetry



about 11 hours ago Aaron said:

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12 months ago Selena Brooks said:

I love this so much! The contrast between the rose and the thorn was beautiful. The only thing I noticed was that you spelled "its" as "it's"--other than that, this was flawless. Great work!


over 1 year ago Lorelle Shorten said:

Oh I love the metaphor towards the end!!! I've never heard anything like it and I love it. It's sad but beautiful. :)



over 1 year ago Stormie "Ducky" McNeal said:

Wow... this piece was beautiful. I'm glad you wanted to swap :D

I am guessing this is what people call 'free from', it's beautiful. Your poem isn't restricted by having to rhyme or use the same sentence length.

I loved how to went from describing the rose, to using it as a metaphor, to the thorns. And that is so true about life.

I found this poem to be enjoyable and relatable. I love the way it is written. Nice flow.

Good job!


over 1 year ago jiny ani said:

I like how you begin with an image, and then use it as a metaphor. You transitioned between the positive aspect of the rose very smoothly. The choice not to mention the thorns until the end left the impression that the narrator learned about them later, or at least as the reader is made aware of them. This adds a story-like element to the poem even though you are using very few words. You tell a relatable story by using few words to describe an image, and I really like that. :)