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I was taken away from everything I knew. I had no family, I was given no love. Somehow in Alberdale, I found both. The most unexpected things could be found in the most unexpected of places. All I saw were bars, but I knew I would break free.


Writing, Dystopian, Novel



4 months ago Autumn Blake said:

I love your story and I hope you write more. The olny thing is I would want to know more about the characters and how they are feeling. Other than that, loved it



almost 3 years ago Arie Ellen said:

HI! I loved your story, it was very thought out! But I would love to hear her background story, and learn about how she got there. I really think you should describe each character a little more,and tell us why each of them are there! Great story can't wait to read more! Cya:)


almost 4 years ago amanda finocchio said:

heys there:)i liked ur story alot:)i would recommend though that instead of saying things as others pointed out,describe it more:)and dont lead things on too much:)but ur story was great:)also btw inner thoughts more like DEEPER:)tht would be also lk added on to urs already great:)