All Heart

All Heart

1 chapter / 1649 words

Approximately 8 minutes to read


Marriage was easier when Henry had a soul.



over 1 year ago Shelby Fox said:

This is refreshing because it's so different from how recent media portrays vampires. I really liked how this story started with her being supportive and understanding, but slowly showed how his soullessness wore on her. He wanted her to give up everything that made her who she was, including her humanity. Great job!


over 1 year ago Sophia d'Amiguet said:

Excellent short story! Just the right length, with realistic, relatable characters (Henry reminded me of someone I know who is both ill and manipulative) as well as a lovely tone of voice. I enjoyed reading this story!


almost 2 years ago Cheshire Wonder said:

This was an amazing short story, I wish you a bunch of luck in the competition! I really liked the ending as well, it was brilliant!

Me (edited)

almost 2 years ago Danielle DiBona said:

I loved it! Especially the ending!! (which I won't say anything more about because nobody likes spoilers.)


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