Haunted by the living

Haunted by the living

1 chapter / 859 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


Do regrets every cease haunting you?



over 5 years ago Raven JoannDawn Maaka-Loureiro said:

You need to add more. This was really good.


almost 7 years ago devin sullivan said:

Amazing....never stop writing. I would LOVE to hear a writer as good as you comment on my story (unlocked) Please heart if you like it (contest reasons!)


almost 7 years ago Malvika Sohaney said:

@Hannah- I intended to end the story here, but I think I should not ;) and glad that you liked it!


almost 7 years ago Hannah VanDerlaske said:

Wow! This is really intriguing! I'm totally hooked, and want to know what happened, how he killed the kid, etc. The last line is especially striking!


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