The Dread Pirates are Rising

The Dread Pirates are Rising

3 chapters / 1008 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


Please read, and if you like it, heart :D

The Dread Pirates have come with a vengeance, and threaten the royal city of Trone.


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over 6 years ago Alison L. said:

This is great. REALLY AMAZING!!! :))) Gooddd luck with the contest!! PS: Would you mind reading a recent short story of mine? THANKS!


over 6 years ago Hal the Moose said:

WOW! I really enjoyed reading this. The storline is ver interesting and refreshing to read. It really kept me going. Terrific job!

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over 6 years ago Tyler Dillon said:

I only had time to read the first chapter (I'm swamped on here and with chores, sorry!) But what I did read I found to be engaging, well written, and just a delightful read. I think that the best part would have to be the letter at the end, hands down. My only suggestion is, after Jenkins (Leroy?:P) says all he wants is to go out on another expedition, you say "Impressed Talberon exclaimed..." You should put a comma after impressed, it sounds very rushed and awkward without one. That's it though, good job!


over 6 years ago Sarah Mulhern Gross said:

This is great, Steve. I love the italics used at the beginning of the first chapter and it flows really well. I can't wait to see where it goes next!

(My only criticism is that the 3rd chapter seems to move really fast).


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