Expiration Date

Expiration Date

4 chapters / 11076 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


They would’ve killed me already, but they said
that death didn’t deserve me…

In The Community, your entire life is based upon achieving death.
Everyone above age seventeen knows when and how they’ll die.
Everyone is marked, their expiration dates tattooed on the back
of their neck. Where you live and work is all determined by the
Date. Prestige and recognition comes to those who will die young.

I, Scarlett Delacroix, was supposed to be the youngest person to
die in over fifty years. I became a public figure. Everyone
wanted to know the lucky girl who was set to Expire before she
was eighteen.

But it all went wrong. I lived beyond my Expiration Date. Let me
tell you, the government didn’t like me too much after that.
They called me tainted, and sent me to exile. I was supposed to
feel devastated for not being able to relish in The After. I was
at first.

But then, just when I was so close to achieving death, Nate found
me, and exposed me to a world completely different to The
Community. No Expiration Dates. No talk about The After. Just a
world focused on living, filled with people who are working
everyday to expose The Community for what it really is. Corrupt.



about 5 years ago Angelica said:



over 5 years ago Laura Manzo said:

i just read the first chapter and i was like "Wow"


over 5 years ago Connie. A said:

You are going to put up more right? Because I need more of this. It's very good and the concept is like nothing I've ever read before. It makes me so angry - but in a good way. The 'I need to read MORE' kind of way. It's amazing.


over 6 years ago Megan Ann said:

Glad you let me talk you into reading it, K E? :-)



about 5 years ago Abigail O'Brien said:

I loved this book so far, I would really like to read more when you get the chance to write. I did notice a few typo's, a few words that weren't spelled right, but over all just.. amazing.