'Til We Lose Our Hands

'Til We Lose Our Hands

1 chapter / 141 words

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Writing, Poetry



about 6 years ago Luke Garner said:

I loved this! A well-deserved heart. I'm usually not a fan of rhyme, but it worked so perfectly in this poem. From the made up words to the whimsical language, this poem was perfect.

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over 6 years ago Kerri Hughes said:

this is really good :) being in a band myself, i know the unsure feeling of if anything will go good/sour, and you captured the "all-over-the-place" feeling really well :) love it!


over 6 years ago Epica said:

I love the quirky nature of this piece. The lighthearted voice is very engaging and the rhyme works well too. It's great how you've invented the random names and how this flows in logical order. Great job and good luck :)


over 6 years ago Samuel Stiffler said:

hahaha this is so cool, it makes perfect sense to me! I SO want to join this band. It kinda reminds me of doctor seuss



about 6 years ago Janet Ray said:

sarah page, this felt so seuss-like but also crazy carroll at the same time; i do believe that they both would be pleased. great sense of diction!