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What happens when the new girl from Beauxbâtons causes Draco to show he has a heart? Love, adventure, and a year the school will never forget. All things Harry Potter belong to the talented and amazing J.K. Rowling, but all original characters and certain instances within 'Sorted' are entirely of my own will, make, and sinister plans. :)


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about 3 years ago Kassidy said:

Hey I just want to say, I love this story. As a fan-fic writer myself, I always admire fanfiction that does not rely 100% on the actual series. I like fanfiction with originial ideas mixed with ideas and characters from the actual series and you do just that! I really like your protagonist, and I think that it's so cool how she's French (PS. J'adore Francais!). Sorry there's no accent mark on the "C". Stupid computer. Any who, I also like Draco's character in this, and I liked how your OCs have their own motives, like Molyneux, who seeks to become a Death Eater to get revenge on his mother's killer. Fascinating. Those kind of side stories, I think, make your story so good. I love the Draco and OC romance, and I can't wait to read more once you've updated! Fantastic job!

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almost 5 years ago Anastasia Rose said:

I love this story! It's about time someone wrote a story about Draco and an OC falling in love. I think Draco deserves a little bit of romance. He's one of my favourite characters, in fact I think he is my favourite male character in the HP series. I'm hooked, hope you keep writing soon. :)


almost 5 years ago Patty Pimperstin said:

Hearted yours! If you want to swap, please check out "The Springtime Sacrifice" on my page & heart it if you like it! :)


about 5 years ago Katarina Matthews said:

You've gotten me hooked!! This story is awesome



almost 6 years ago Lucy Kane said:

i really like the start! there were good adjectives :)

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over 6 years ago CoolSlytherin said:

I hope Lord Voldemort is successful now...Hey don't kill him off in your story ok?