The End?

The End?

1 chapter / 263 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


Winner of the Halloween 2015 contest!


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almost 2 years ago Linda D said:

I know the contest is finished and you won. Congratulations, BTW, but...(you felt that "but" coming, didn't you?) It would have been nice to end on the dance image - more than "floating" she's "dancing", since you mentioned it before. Maybe you didn't have the words available.

Other than that, I loved the whole piece, the build up and ending. you painted a full picture in a small amount of word. A well deserved win.


about 2 years ago Oakley J said:

Sweet and creepy at the same time. Thanks for the read. :)


about 2 years ago Josie Rapacz said:

Even though this is first person, I still get the kind of disconnected writing that you get from third person. Also, the first sentence is awkward. Congrats on winning the contest.

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about 2 years ago Madison Elizabeth said:




almost 2 years ago Daniel Mathers said:

Okay I'm glad I decided to read this one after the silly "Out of the Book..." one. This one was great I really liked it, you couldnt tell where it was going and then had a great quick ending that you had to think through and it was thought provoking.

Nice job I liked this one, feel free to review any of my stories.

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almost 2 years ago M.E.M. said:

It starts out nice and sweet then it ended creepy, which is good I guess. I can’t stand creepy, but you nailed it on the head!! Great work.