Help Me

Help Me

1 chapter / 666 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


Winning entry for the Halloween Contest! :)




over 1 year ago flyaway katie said:

Even though I had a good idea of the ending from the contest theme, I still found it compelling. The flashbacks to different times tied in well with the character being a ghost. The cover art is beautiful too, an excellent choice. Congratulations!

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over 1 year ago Maria said:

All I can say is wow.


over 1 year ago Josie Rapacz said:

I like the idea but it needs a little fine tuning to really bring it to life.

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over 1 year ago Madison Elizabeth said:

Wow. I felt as if I were in the story.


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over 1 year ago Baird Wahlander said:

Pretty darn good if not predictable. I mean I had an idea what Mary was from the start but still a very good read. I'm a little confused about the officer being there, though. If they're are new people living in the house why are police investigating the house?

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over 1 year ago Sarah Summers said:

I enjoyed reading this short story. The story itself needs to be revised a little - polished more but other than that it'll be a jem. Well done! And an excellent job at creating a story that leaves you reading until the very end.