47 chapters / 116818 words

Approximately about 10 hours to read


The year is 1956. Elvis is crooning rock ballads. Teenagers are rebelling with dance and denim. And the Nazis are hiding out in America.
After the war, the sacking of Europe, and the solidifying a young, loose-cannons FBI, the Nazis have come to call -- bringing their loot to America. They've got the art, and Europe wants it back.
Enter Ruby: Observant, young, smart; the ultimate flanneur. Ruby's dad is poised to be a senator of New York, and she's tired of living the life of a politician's daughter. Johnny Lautrell, a thief strait out of an Ian Fleming novel, wants her to head up his next heist.
Joined with Cathie, actress extraordinaire, and Julius, Greek Americaphile getaway driver, Ruby plunges head-first into a world of fine-art society crime she never imagined existed.
As Old Masters are snatched, scores are settled, and Nazis run rampant, the danger, and the payoff, have never been higher.



over 1 year ago Keyona said:

Nice story! I really liked it


over 1 year ago Aiko A. Hiramine said:

HI LLV! Wow, I'm gonna have a lot of feedback for you. For my standards this was an incredible piece that has awesome potential, so I will give some pretty tough feedback if you don't mind. You seem like a mature writer so... :) I read the first and second chapters and I really enjoyed the 50s feel, the touches you added in. Especially in the second chapter with the phone and the bike, dancing, soda... all well written and tastefully done to add flavor to the 50s. In the very beginning I believe that "Breaks" should be spelled "Brakes" Although if you are using UK spelling I can't be sure if I'm right on that. :) I liked your interesting action beginning where you started everything off. Since you asked me for specific character reflections... here goes. I liked your main character guy in the beginning. You can gather a little about him from how compassionate he is and his quest. I would love to know more but I guess the rest of the book might reveal more. From what I read he seemed quite flat, although I haven't read the rest so it could be just me. :) About your girl main, I like her. Much more description and you have a tasteful knack for bringing something extraordinary from the ordinary in an ordinary person with an ordinary job. She's likable and very unique, despite being pretty generic for now, although I'm sure that will change. I would love to know right from the beginning more about why Helen quitting is important. I know it is explained a little more in the second chapter but knowing why it is so devastating would be awesome. Also, I LOVE your name choices, well done. Penelope- one of my favorites that never shows up! Another thing I really liked was how well you visualized the city, leaving stuff to the imagination but also pulling a lot of real details from the back of bicycle. Well done there. The entire first few chapters seems to be a good setup for the rest of the story and I loved your word choice. "Unknowningness, inborn, and quirk," Were my favorite along with the sentence directly following the one where those words appear. All in all, great job and Keep writing! This is so well thought out and I really enjoyed reading it! Thanks for sharing it!


over 1 year ago Josephine said:

I really loved this. I am a sucker for a good heist story. I loved the first the chapter from the first line to last it was very engaging. I was reading every word to find out what was going to happen next. The writing style and voice fit so perfectly with the story and gave it more layers. The description of Bower was one of my most fav descriptions of a character. It really painted a picture of the type of person he is. The way you phrased things just added depth to the story, which I liked very much. I just read the first chapter. I don't have much to say critique was for this. So far, I love it.


over 1 year ago B. Blakmyre said:

First line - amazing. It made me smile and made me want to read on, right away. You do an excellent job laying the scene and setting the time period. I get that hazey diner vibe right off the bat, so well done. Your writing has a nice flow and hooks the reader at the action sequences. It really played like a movie, especially when focusing on her. In chapter 2, I loved that quip about New England houses. Coming from the area, it made me laugh. It's exactly those kind of extraneous detail that, when used in the right space, makes a story memorable. Also can I mention that I'm just in love with Cathie's description? I just want to get to know her. I want to get to know all your female characters, for that matter. Overall, I enjoyed this and will be sure to continue.



over 1 year ago Jake Blizman said:

Hello again, I've read the first two chapters of this story like you asked on the forum page, and they are amazing. I'm really hooked in this story and I could keep rambling and gushing about this story but I'll get to the actual review now. Title: I'm not very far in so I'm presuming there is some sort of heist? I'm not really sure yet but the title is just sort of okay for this piece as of where I am now in reading it. Summary: I really liked this piece, although the action sequence at the beginning was a bit confusing. I'll probably continue reading it later through the end. Formatting: No noticeable errors. First impressions: There were a lot of characters that were newly introduced, and the names were just a little confusing. This is relatively minor, but for the most part I think you have the first impressions down. I especially got Julius and Julia mixed up, so that is just an example of something I noticed. Character quality: None of the characters have really gone through an arc yet as of where I am in my reading now, but they are set up to be interesting people. Voice/Tone: Your voice is describing the overall vibe of the time period very well, and your word choice is deliberate and perfect. Spelling/Grammar: Nothing noticeable, if anything at all. Storyline/Conflict: So far, it's set up to be very interesting and I'm hooked on the plot already. Overall thoughts is that this is a really great story and that I would probably buy it if it were actually published, even though it does require a little tuning up to waive some minor issues. B+/A-, really great work!


over 1 year ago Raunaq Singh said:

So, I read chapter four. It was very different from the first three. It had a very different mood. Your descriptions are very well done and I can see everything crystal clear. Even though your writing is extremely descriptive, but you still managed to move the story with a very good pace. I know it's a very small detail, but your characters have very unique and different names. Every other book I've read in figment had very cliched and overused names. You never seem to use a phrase twice, which makes your writing very fresh. All in all, very well written.

I think I am going to start rating the works I review(I know it's weird but I'll do it anyway) Chapter 1: 5 / 5 Chapter 2: 5 / 5 Chapter 3: 5 / 5 Chapter 4: 4.5/5