Poems Dead with their Maker

Poems Dead with their Maker

3 chapters / 589 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


A few poems from a time when the world revolved around someone who I thought felt the same.


Romance, Poetry



about 2 years ago Stormie "Ducky" McNeal said:

You have a really unique writing style, I haven't seen any like that before... it's beautiful

All the words flowed well, and kept me hooked until the end. Normally my eyes start to glaze over with longer poetry, but I loved all of this!


about 2 years ago Meyer Oxenhart said:

Amazing job with this poem! Your writing flow is beautiful and smooth, and it was something I really enjoyed reading. I loved the powerful emotion that you placed into your words. Keep writing!


about 2 years ago Blade Saine said:

This is so cute!! I loved it!


about 2 years ago Stephanie Horror said:

Awwww! So I finally came back and read your first poem and your writing style is beautiful and unique! The fact that you pour your heart out and put so much thought and emotion into your work to make your words come alive, is truly beautiful. I hope your girlfriend sees these poems someday and see how truly talented and what a beautiful writer you are. :)




about 2 years ago Unmasked Dreams said:

Hi! :)

Great concept. I liked your form of poetry. Each poem was able to tug at my heart in different ways.

Your writing style is amazing in itself, but I also do believe that we can can till grow in whatever genre or method we choose to pursue, Please don't take this the wrong way.

Though poetry has different styles, I would recommend that you research more about it and try different ways of writing poetry. You style at the moment is free-form or a type of poetry where there are no specific foot and meter.

in you poems though, there were some lines that were cut in a way that was somehow lacking, I guess. I think, you can improve on this greatly by creating breaks or using punctuation marks as means of emphasis.

Other than that, great job! Keep writing! And if poetry really is your passion, start doing research on it. :)

Hope this helps! :)


about 2 years ago graciela luna said:

Thanks for your review and I want to start off with saying that all three of the poems have a nice concept. I like some repetition in each and my favorite would have to be the second poem. Now other then it looking good there are some errors you may want to watch out for, in poems there are breaks. I don't know if you're doing this on purpose but the poems would sounds before if you ad commas or even dash's. While I read all of them it all went by quickly, the reader doesn't know if there is a moment you want to to pause and reflect for a moment on a line or not. That's the main concern with the first poem, reread it out loud to yourself. Also the flow felt uneasy, like clomped and awkward, I like our diction but I'd shorten it just a little (just a suggestion, you don't have to). On you're second poem as a poet as well I'd suggest to put this one in a rhyming couplet poem, the break will be there and the poem will flow nicely. I really like the repetition in it but it sounds over used in many places. But hey, it maybe your style. Same with the last poem I like the repetition, it was minimal and you get the strong sense of the love around the bond between you with your partner. Some lines on this poem sounds so short it runs by it so fast I just ignore it as I read it, or a reader may even forget vital diction within the poem. The diction, I like it but can be a bit more improve. The rhyming in your poems are nicely executed and I say your poems are nice to read. Keep writing.