The Priest

The Priest

13 chapters / 142 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


Something you might read in a book like Horowitz Horror, but my own idea.



about 4 years ago Megan Ann said:

I love how creepy this is! And the cover with the blood and the cross is definitly suspenseful! I'm actually trying to write a creepy story myself right now, called Riddles. Think you could check it out? :)


about 5 years ago Daniel Hawley-Lowry said:

well, heres the early access code, just for you... Early Access Code: G5IB6-KBKDF-CDL26


about 5 years ago Olivia Richards said:

Well, this first chapter caught my eye and sounded really good, but the rest of the chapters are locked. I look forward to reading more. :) Olivia out :)



over 5 years ago (vanished) said:

It was short D: and all the other chapters were locked!