Downright Dangerous: Book

Downright Dangerous: Book

4 chapters / 1066 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


One Kiss Could Be Your Last

Nights of the Round Table? More like Nights of the Party House!
Seventeen-year-old Rihanna Tor a.k.a Fang has literally made a deal with the devil!


Writing, Fantasy, Romance


Annabelle lee

about 1 year ago S. Welch said:

Sorry! I reacted!


about 1 year ago Scarlet Warrior said:

NOOOOO! what happens next? I must know.


about 1 year ago Ashkit said:

I like this story already. Please, please, please write more.


about 1 year ago Palyahser said:

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Annabelle lee

about 1 year ago S. Welch said:

Wow. That had me on the edge of my seat. Your cadent voice is great. For feedback, I'd just say to read aloud what you've written to hear how it'll sound to the reader. Also, the characters could use a little more depth. I want to love the protagonist, make me hate the antagonist. Haunting story, though. I can't wait to hear more.


about 1 year ago Kelly Anne Blount said:

I loved this! :) very captivating and intriguing and your description was great as well which proves you're a great author. I can't wait to read more of your works when I find the time. Good job and keep it up!