Dr. 23: Kaulis-Kaput's Cookbook (10)

Dr. 23: Kaulis-Kaput's Cookbook (10)

7 chapters / 3991 words

Approximately 20 minutes to read


When Annie and Dr. 23 end up in The Lightning Bolt, a 4-dimensional bistro usually for "gods" (and a few 3-dimensional sapient beings here and there) located in Ancient Egypt, Annie is convinced that a few of the food products wish to have a few more followers, other than the customers and the waitresses, of course. Now, she must spread the word, ward off a few demons, and ultimatley achieve enlightenment. Or learn how to cook with, of course, Kaulis-Kaput's Magical Cookbook, the one and only book ever to out-sell The Book-of-the-Dead.


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over 6 years ago Jenna Markham said:

That was amazing. Write more.


over 6 years ago Roza A. said:

I like how you mix mythology with physics.


over 6 years ago Christopher Paghasian said:

Haha, thanks you guys.


over 6 years ago Andrew Buckley said:

I love it so far! Look forward to reading more.



over 6 years ago Sarah Madchen said:

Haha. This was just what I needed to read today. A perfect blend of mythology and comedy. There are a few spelling errors here and there, but overall, I love it!