A Day in the Life Assassin

A Day in the Life Assassin

1 chapter / 364 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


This is a fic about my best friend, Steffi Singh, who insists she is an assassin. This is, in my opinion, the best I've ever written. Read, comment, review, and heart!!!


Comedy, Horror, Thriller



over 6 years ago Ariana Phillip said:

So for anyone wondering about Steffi's review, i changed the name to fit the story better. It wasn't as descriptive as you would like becuase i wasn't trying to describe the feelings, despite the first line, i was really just showing what she did daily.


over 6 years ago Jon said:

Wow, that was really good, nice job


over 6 years ago Annalise Johnsan said:

Wow, it's so mechanical.... creepy, but in a good way.


over 6 years ago Adagio said:

Literally no time. I like this~! Why has no one read and hearted?



over 6 years ago Robin Oh said:

The ideas in this story are great! The morbidness of it fits my flavor and the way the assassin kills is delightful. However, it is too telly. There is a difference between hearing the idea, and seeing the idea. I think you can expand this story a lot more by showing the senario/assignment where she kills some one and describing every single step of the thing that is being done. I want to see her plan her move, break her way in, watch the her gloat as the detective gets angry. Make her do something bold, make her almost get caught, something more dramatic. I feel like this could be expanded into a great murder long short story or a novel =D That way, it is more graphic, with more punch, and a lot of more powerful. If you decide to do that, notify me and I'll check it out!


over 6 years ago Steffi Singh said:

Hi Ana, When you said you were writing a story about my work, I was so touched. *tears up* Anyways, I don't know what your intention was, but this feels like you're just describing the daily work of an assassin. Is it supposed to be telling a story or be "a day in the life of an assassin"? It depends on which it is to criticize this. I'm glad you also used my favorite method with the hook as well XD Overall, good job :) The assassin, Steffi.