Living Outside my Mind

Living Outside my Mind

13 chapters / 1307 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


Thanks to Saleena Nival for the wonderful cover! If you'd like to follow their story, you can purchase the actual book Illuminate my World on Amazon!!




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about 1 year ago Maria Rae said:

This is really nice ^_^ I love the ending!

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about 1 year ago Dassi said:

Oh, I love this! That part with the father was so heartbreaking, and I'm really glad you ended the whole thing on a happy note. Great work!


about 1 year ago Helen He said:

Love the ending!


about 1 year ago Emily Hendra said:

I want MORE! :D



about 1 year ago stormchaser82 said:

I love the concept! I actually am schizophrenic (schizoaffective to be exact). I was wondering where you were going with it, and then the ending was very well crafted. You could definitely add length to some of the letters, like the ones in the middle. I like the colloquial style it was written in. I even thought it was neat that you didn't sign all of the letters the same. Way to go on the whole featured fig thing, stormchaser82 :)


over 1 year ago Paris Pearl said:

I meant to say "major errors" not "man on errors". That's what I get for using my phone to type:(