A Knightly Tale of Woe

A Knightly Tale of Woe

1 chapter / 171 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


A poem about a bumbling knight who tries to take on a much greater opponent... I'm not very satisfied with the ending, that part just happened, so I'll probably rework it. This is my first attempt at making a cover myself and I must say, I need a lot of practice. =)


Comedy, Fantasy, Poetry


The fatal mistake legal

over 1 year ago Isabel S. said:

Good job, Rook. By the way, your cover is fine; it's certainly better than any dragon I've ever drawn.

Rainbow duck

about 2 years ago Kenna said:

I really like the twist at the end

Picture 183

about 2 years ago Adam Aldrich said:

Man, I really enjoyed this poem, Rook! It flowed extremely well, with the rhyming perfectly pitched, and was entertaining throughout its duration. It's one of those poems that's ideal. It tells an amusing story, isn't too long, nor too short, and has a funny ending for the reader. Alas, not so much for poor Ted!

Thanks for sharing this poem with those of us within the Figment community, Rook. You’re a talented and gifted writer. Have a great day and keep up the great work! Adam


about 2 years ago Delilah Moore said:

Cute, I like it a lot



about 2 years ago Paris Pearl said:

I love the way you write this poem! Ted's life ended abruptly, which was the perfect way to surprise the readers. I really like the rhyme scheme you used, and re-read this a couple of times because it was so enjoyable!


about 2 years ago Joy and Dreamer said:

Poor Ted. Really nice rhythm, though.