Accidentally Aware

Accidentally Aware

1 chapter / 901 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


This computer is anything but ordinary.



9 months ago Ané said:

Honestly this surprised me as I thought things would go horribly wrong as they usually do in stories where computers aquire true self-awareness. It's really awesome and refreshing to read something different. It was really well written and very descriptive (Poppy's adorable) and I just loved the final sentence! This was really cool!


9 months ago Courtney Dozier said:

This is such a cute story! Imagining technology suddenly becoming aware of its existence is startling and yet quite interesting. I think it'd even be cool if you continued on with this, maybe having her keep Will a secret from everyone else she works with would be good. Just if you wanted to keep going. Still, awesome job developing the plot, and Poppy the cat adds a little flair to it.


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