2 chapters / 449 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


-ContestOver- In my entry for the road trip flash contest all I can say is... Teenagers these days. ** (Sigh) Wow, you guys... this story is causing me a lot of brain work. At first I was just going to keep the story at this. short and sweet. Then I was planning on continuing with the book... then I voted against that and stuck to the original plan. Right now I am in a drone zone (my very lame phrase for the state of not knowing if I should continue or not; which I made up in about five seconds.) Please be patient while I try to figure this out. For now chapter two is locked :) ~~DRONE ZONE~~



over 5 years ago Erin Bywater said:

I'm excited to read more! I really like it! It seems kinda mean to leave her mom behind though. (I would do it.) :P


over 5 years ago Emily Swiers said:

I really thought the title on the first chapter/page was clever. You wrote just enough details without going over board.

The story was simple and a very nice read.


over 5 years ago Hayley Rue Mockingjay said:

Liking it so far! Are you going to add more?

A creepy picture of meeee

over 5 years ago Paige M. said:

This is really, really sweet. Keep writing. (:



almost 6 years ago Savannah Stimpson said:

I like how the girls weren't really concerned with the mom. It made the story hilarious to read. Everytime they laughed I laughed with them. Great job!


almost 6 years ago Rachel Rose Chevalier Gordon said:

I enjoyed the airy nature of the piece, and how you quickly conveyed the relationship between mother and daughter. You had a few grammatical errors, so I would look over again for details on that. I believe her complete indifference to her mother was a tad over exaggerated. I believe that if, when she saw her mother in the rear view mirror at the end, she had some sort of remorseful or emotional response, it would have tied it together better. All in all, enjoyed the piece!