A Robot, Two Girls, and a Hitchhiker

A Robot, Two Girls, and a Hitchhiker

1 chapter / 493 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


This was literally the first thing that came to mind when I read the very non specific prompt. It's a little out there. Two girls run from a very strange situation.


Comedy, Short Story



over 6 years ago Anabelle Jones said:

So funny! I love it, keep it up! Very funny....

Luna tangled

over 6 years ago Katie W. said:

That was probably one of the most random pieces of writing I have ever read. Which is awesome. Loved it!


over 6 years ago Amber Brown said:

good story


over 6 years ago Kenzie Stokes said:

Ahaha, that made me laugh. The robot especially. It was so random too! Haha, great job.



almost 4 years ago Ava L. Hickey said:

It was to the point but it lacked so much detail. It left me a little lost and confused. Why is the robot in love with the girl it’s a robot. When the hitch hiker defeated the robot. That should have been longer than him telling them to come out. The important parts were kind of left untouched leaving the reader lost.


over 6 years ago Christopher Paghasian said:

Nice, short, everything really got to the point. The one thing I wished is for the descriptions to be a little longer, but I think you couldn't really do that with the word limit. When I first saw "Hitchhicker" and "Robot" in the same sentence, I thought, "OMZ!!! THIS IS ABOUT THE HITCHHICKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY!!!!". Well, it wasn't, to my disappointment, but what wasn't was the fact that this piece was equally as funny and random and great as Douglas Adam's writing in that different, this-is-your-style kinda way. Really gread work. Keep writing!