Not Gabby Anymore

Not Gabby Anymore

8 chapters / 8183 words

Approximately 41 minutes to read


After Hailey finds out she is James Potters long lost twin sister, her life gets filled with magic, fun, and maybe a little romance.


Writing, Fantasy, Romance



about 6 years ago Anonymous Writer said:

i like the fact in your fanfic that harry's parents were stil lalive when he attended hogwats. :)

When life gives you lemons

over 6 years ago Yachiru Kusajishi said:

You know, Hailey kind of seems like Sirius' Lily!


over 6 years ago Scarlett Victoria said:

I didn't actually enter the contest because I have a fear of being rejected/losing so I never enter contest or do anything really competitive :)


over 6 years ago Lila Malfoy Black said:

Thanks! Oh, and thank you for liking my story! I know my ending was absolutely horrible, but I was running out of time and couldn't think of anything else... Did you enter the contest? There was so many entries, it took me like half an hour just to read like six of them. Keep writing! :) Your friend, ~Little Miss Gryffindor~


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