Fragile Immunity

Fragile Immunity

4 chapters / 263 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


(Poetry Collection)


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6 months ago Janessa Wilson said:

This is awesome! Touchy and great!! Indeed this poem touched me. All the poems are beautiful. Full of feelings and emotions. The second one is my favourite.

In a word, I love it. Great job!


10 months ago Magnolia J. Carpenter said:

This is absolutely gorgeous! Your words melt like butter; the poems are deep yet easy to read, which is an incredibly hard balance to find. Good work! My favorite was the last poem--the final line really struck home.

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10 months ago Emberlin said:

*This is my part of the swap, as I promised*

"Swallow" was my favorite out of all of them. When you can't feel relief, you wish instead for something to swallow you up and make you disappear so that you might not feel the pain or the hurt.

This was how I interpreted it anyway. And all the poems flowed very nicely in a sort of melancholy melody. I hope I'm making sense. Some people said the poems were almost like songs and that's probably what I'm trying to say. Keep up the great writing! :)


10 months ago Marissa Riggs said:

This is great. I'm a pagan and your poetry reminds me a lot of spells used in craft. Please take this as a compliment as it is not easy to do. This is very impressive work. I mostly do spoken word poetry because I can't rhyme at all! So good on you!



9 months ago Kesha D Ely said:

You really draw in the reader with your familiarity, starting of with a touch, something everyone can relate with is a real ease in to grabbing attention. I like how you have the other lover/person saying to not be afraid of love I suppose. And loss.

The line about short comings is super sad to me, you managed to bring hope and sadness though which is great! The advice giving is so true as well, move on but think of the past, something I actually do and many others.

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10 months ago LeChevalierRoland said:

That first stanza was so beautiful. The way you formed it, the motion created by your formatting. Beautiful. I am kind of amazed. I was expecting to see something to critique. Isn’t there always some way to improve? But I am blown away by your piece. The ending of the second chapter was my favorite. You had me hanging on “swallow” and the way you drop the reader into “me” is so appropriate. I think that you should continue this. I don’t know if you consider it finished or what, but all I can think is I want more. This is a level of language ability you don’t see every day.