Another Book Closes

Another Book Closes

1 chapter / 880 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


{Entry for round 1 of March Matchup 2016.} Every time a life ends, a book closes.


Me 1963

almost 2 years ago Linda D said:

The "Father" who raised Thornton must have been exceptional, to raise another man's son as his own and never tell him. Thornton's mother obviously realized her good luck in escaping from a horrible life the drug father, to a good man. and hopefully that's in the diary too.

Well written. Good Luck.


almost 2 years ago Sierra Johnson said:

forgot to ask too, ^,^. Check my story out? It's called Three



almost 2 years ago Sierra Johnson said:

I LOVED this! You're grammar could use a tweak here and there, but otherwise it was exceptional! my only problem was i couldn't catch the phone bit. I don't know if i just missed it or such, but i honestly couldn't catch any mention of a missing phone

Annabelle lee

almost 2 years ago S. Welch said:

I'm sorry. Your review on my story was just so thorough and helpful that I needed to try this reviewing thing again. I loved this piece. It's sorrowful but it felt authentic. Within the first couple of paragraphs, you say, he 'span' around instead of 'spun.' The way you added the class ring and the diary into the story was quite crafty. I was a little confused about the father handing him the diary and then the contents of the diary telling the story of his father's death? Maybe I'm just missing something but you wrote this beautifully.