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{WINNER of Round 2, March Matchup 2016.} They see us as sinners when our actions are like saints'. Good will triumph.



almost 2 years ago Lee Ryder said:

This was a super exciting read! I really like your entry for this prompt. It was very clever, and the cliffhanger at the end...*sighs* Best of luck to you!


almost 2 years ago Cassie T. said:

Wow! I'm really enjoying your stories. They're full of crazy ideas and surprises. I absolutely love your writing.



almost 2 years ago Cho Holly said:

This story was incredible! I don't know how you write so well! I loved the storyline, the first couple sentences hooked me in immediately, and the rest of the book didn't fail to impress and kept my intrigue the entire time. The cliffhanger, too, like wow.. perfectly written. (I also loved the choice of names!) I gave this a heart, a wow, and a shiver. Great, great job!

Me 1963

almost 2 years ago Linda D said:

Ooo! Great cliffhanger ending. Lots of wonderful visuals make us relate to the characters.

See the fear radiating from the depths of my soul – such a great verb that you don’t want use the same verb again in - His eyes radiating excitement. What about “His eyes flashing/sparking (igniting in) excitement.” ??

Best of luck.