You're Not the Only One

You're Not the Only One

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I'm in the process of rewriting this and hopefully when I'm done it will look completely different...other than the title of course because that's the part that I dwell on the most.


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about 1 year ago Dan Knight said:

Love that you chose such a difficult subject. i just wanted it to be longer and maybe a bit more specific. I was shaking but not totally devastated. You need to create empathy for the character, not just sympathy. love your writing though I'll recommend it highly.


over 1 year ago K.L. Acord said:

A common allegory these days. Otherwise, well said.



about 1 year ago A.R. KYRON said:

Its a good topic to write about.I liked the way you wrote it but the poem is too short I guess. If you make it a bit longer, the subject matter will be even more clear to the readers.