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    Allison shockley

    By Allison shockley

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    Subject 10

    Torin Stewart was born and raised in Detroit with her mom dad and three brothers until her family moved to Star city. At the age of six Torin went through a traumatizing event t...

    Sci Fi Gurl

    By Sci Fi Gurl

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    Bring On The Darkness

    ---Special thanks to Sydney Dreamweaver for the cover!!!--- ***Warning: Foul language*** Chapter one (You've Been Chosen): At a young age, a little girl's soul was sold to a d...

    Porcelain Devan

    By Porcelain Devan


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    Tyler isn't normal. But you don't know that. She isn't the girl you really, truly wanted. But you don't know that. If she isn't who you think she is, who is she? You might never...

    Rochelle Weaver

    By Rochelle Weaver

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    This is a collaborative piece between a few of my classmates and I,so I can't take full credit. I am responsible for the scenes from the nurse's office on. Hopefully you'll enjo...


    By K.Wakefield

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