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The tragic events of 9/11 were born from intolerance, and have challenged all of us in different and innumerable ways. This 10th anniversary represents an opportunity for us to make our communities stronger by celebrating our diversity, and embracing each others' differences.

In honor of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, MTV and Figment have teamed up to bring you a contest that asks you to look at the world through another set of eyes. The contest will come to life on MTV Act, which is all about amplifying your efforts to make things better, and Figment, which gives you a platform to express your creativity.

For this contest, readers will collaborate with other readers and writers to put characters they didn’t create into a setting they aren’t necessarily familiar with. Your challenge is to write a story about characters that are confronting intolerance while working to understand characters that aren’t your own. In order to enter, you must create a story with three elements: a character another writer created, a setting another writer created, and a situation where someone must deal with intolerance.

The finalists will be decided by public voting. The top 10 hearted entries will be judged by a panel of MTV and Figment judges, and three winners will each be given an iPad and featured on MTV Act and Figment. Winners will be announced on MTV Act on September 9th. See the "How to Enter" tab for more details.

Important Dates:

  • 8/22 - 8/31: Entries accepted
  • 9/1 - 9/4: Public voting
  • 9/5 - 9/8: Top 10 entries judged
  • 9/9: 3 winners announced and iPads awarded. Yay!

iPads? Yes, we’re giving away an iPad to each of the 3 winning authors.

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Contest Judges

Story Attributes

You must use at least one user-submitted character and setting from our forums in your story.


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      Contest Entries

      • Theodore robinson (american artist, 1852-1896) sewing by the river
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        *PLEASE READ AND HEART! FOR THE MTV CONTEST* Abby is a pretty girl who doesn't know her father, who's fighting in the war. When he bec…

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      • Imagesca1ul5lk
        • 2
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        Limitless Courage

        Aoife Moore is an immigrant from The Emerald Isle. Her name means warrior princess, and though she portrays it on the outside, she doe…

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      • Img_2866
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        The Mail Boy

        This is for the MTV contest. I wasnt able to say everything i wanted to in 1000 words so i will add to this after the contest. Thank y…

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