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Groups are your place to meet up with other Figs and talk about the things you love. Neruda? Ninjas? Narwhals? Someone else loves them, too. Want to workshop a piece before sharing it with your adoring public? Form a writing and reviewing group.

Start by exploring the groups other Figs have created. Didn't find what you're looking for? Make one of your own! Whatever you're into, whatever you like to laugh about or discuss, you can find your niche here.

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  • Hotel-belle-epoque-venezia_010320121611129722
    • 4 members
    • created 07/01/16

    Starlight Hotel (An RP)

    Supernatural creatures, welcome. Humans, beware. You can check in but you won't be checking out.

  • Wichty stuff 4
    • 2 members
    • created 07/01/16

    Witch Coven Rp

    (Open to a few I don't want alot of people like two to three )

  • Th
    • 2 members
    • created 07/01/16

    Dara and Liz

    Two pirates sailing the seven seas. Don't invade the ship! ;)

  • Feather-pen
    • 4 members
    • created 07/01/16

    Writers Community

    Every month there will be a category. That category will be the prompt for your stories. We can review them and others can carry them on. This is just for fun so your prize is the gift of imagination!

  • Madea-witness-protection-1
    • 7 members
    • created 06/30/16

    Somerset Plantation (An RP)

    Travel is never completely safe...

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