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Groups are your place to meet up with other Figs and talk about the things you love. Neruda? Ninjas? Narwhals? Someone else loves them, too. Want to workshop a piece before sharing it with your adoring public? Form a writing and reviewing group.

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  • Th (1)
    • 3 members
    • created 03/26/15

    The chosen ones (RP)

    Just a cool role play. It's kinda maze runner based.... O.O Cerm in meh...Homeith!

  • Simplyshort
    • 1 member
    • created 03/26/15

    ::: Simply Short :::

    A place for making your short stories big!

  • Group_image-thumb
    • 2 members
    • created 03/26/15

    The World Ends With You RP

    A somewhat under appreciated video game... OCs only. All welcome.

  • School
    • 5 members
    • created 03/26/15

    The Disappearance [RP]

    Wherever you were, whatever you were doing. You noticed it, The Change.

  • Group_image-thumb
    • 8 members
    • created 03/26/15


    You were all captured by some maniac. You can't do anything considering your helpless. Tied and stuck. Then he come back....

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