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Groups are your place to meet up with other Figs and talk about the things you love. Neruda? Ninjas? Narwhals? Someone else loves them, too. Want to workshop a piece before sharing it with your adoring public? Form a writing and reviewing group.

Start by exploring the groups other Figs have created. Didn't find what you're looking for? Make one of your own! Whatever you're into, whatever you like to laugh about or discuss, you can find your niche here.

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  • Lockers
    • 5 members
    • created 08/30/15

    Welcome to Harrington High

    A roleplay

  • Qya3odb
    • 5 members
    • created 08/29/15


    Here, we'll discuss movies, actors, and actresses as well as participate in film-related contests and writing group scripts for different genres! Join if you think you're a star!

  • Desert-island
    • 5 members
    • created 08/29/15

    Stranded an RP

    You think a relaxing holiday to Hawaii will be the perfect escape but when the plane hits turbulence, it begins to fall. You wake up, stranded on an island. Do you have what it take to survive?

  • Teachingimage
    • 1 member
    • created 08/29/15

    Dr. Marquardt's ESL 0205 2015

    This is our the Figment group for our class where you will post your reflections and assignments. I will give feedback. I also encourage you to read and respond to each others' work.

  • Image
    • 8 members
    • created 08/29/15

    A World Full of Secrets

    Everyone's got secrets. Even people with supernatural powers. Here however, at Madame Cadence's institute, their secret is the only thing that keeps them alive...

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