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Discussion began on 04/03/2016

Best Scene in the whole Harry Potter Series

  • Face_with_tears_of_joy Icon-member smiley witch

    Mine would be.....when Harry and Hermione went to godric's hallow.

  • Image Icon-member GallifreyanGirl

    Me? I love the scene when Harry is about to kiss Ginny during the Xmas holidays and they get interrupted by the death eaters. xD

  • Face_with_tears_of_joy Icon-member smiley witch

    oh...i was SO mad 

  • Screen shot 2016-07-12 at 8.52.29 pm Icon-non-member Jeffrey Mansour

    I like the part where Draco makes his ferret performance. Thanks, Mad-eye! R.I.P.

  • Face_with_tears_of_joy Icon-member smiley witch

    YES!! R.I.P:

    Mad-eye, James, Lily, Sirius, Lupin, Tonks, Snape, Dumbledore, Lavender, Fred, Dobby  (am i missing anyone?)

  • Face_with_tears_of_joy Icon-member smiley witch

    WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU! I cried when Dobby died, but for some reason i laughed when sirius died. It was SO sad....but...i dont know why i laughed. I feel terrible for doing so. 

  • Hermionegranger3 Icon-member Rey Granger

    What about the glorious moment in Order of the Phoenix when Umbridge tries to sneak out of Hogwarts, and Peeves chases after her, whacking her alternately with a walking stick, and a sock full of chalk? When the students start running after her, Prof. McGonagall expresses her regret that she could not chase after, as Peeves had borrowed her walking stick. 


  • Cartoon-doodle-cat-hipster-glasses-coffee-cup-34934416 (2) Icon-member Headphones101

    The best scene out of every single Harry Potter movie? When Ron and Hermione kiss while in the Chamber of Secrets!!!! :)

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