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Discussion began on 07/15/2016

The Final Battle

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    Hi, guys! Just joined the fan club! I am literally obsessed with Harry Potter! I've read the books and seen the movies countless times!

    Today I was looking through BuzzFeed when a Harry Potter post caught my eye. The article was about a person who had the most amazing revelation: in the final battle of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, Harry, Ron and Hermione seem to be running around randomly BUT.... they first get attacked by a giant and ugly troll, then loads of giant spiders appear, after that they see a werewolf followed by dementors, and then the Order of the Pheonix appear and lastly they go meet Snape. Does this ring a bell??


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    yes...hi, im Janani, (I know, i know, my name is IMPOSSIBLE to pronounce, sorry...) I'm also a HUGE  Harry Potter fan. Um...I'm very talkative and i love humorous people..so HEY! Whats up guys!!! 

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    and C A S I A N A  that does ring a bell...

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