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Discussion began on 02/03/2017

Why Isn't...

  • Screen shot 2016-11-16 at 7.32.36 pm Icon-non-member Ashley Bell

    Things you sort of don't understand... Like, why isn't Hermione Ravenclaw??????

  • Yagi-sama Icon-non-member Goatspiration

    I think it's because she's too brave.

  • Yagi-sama Icon-non-member Goatspiration

    Why isn't Neville in Hufflepuff?

  • Capture1 Icon-member Ysabelle Lianne

    Because he's brave too. Remember, he could have been the "Harry Potter". He killed Nagini!

  • Img_0258 Icon-member Raina

    I read this thing once that said the Hogwarts houses are about what you value.  Hermione valued bravery above intelligence ("books! And cleverness! There are more important things") and I would suppose that Neville valued bravery above other traits as well.  I know he always aspired to be brave.  

  • Yagi-sama Icon-non-member Goatspiration

    That's really cool!

  • Capture1 Icon-member Ysabelle Lianne

    I know right.

  • Adorable!!!! Icon-member Amy Wang

    Apparently, both Hermione and Professer McGonagall were nearly put in Ravenclaw by the sorting hat but were put in Gryffindor instead. Professor Flitwick was nearly put in Gryffindor. I think both McGonagall and Flitwick had hatstall (https://www.pottermore.com/writing-by-jk-rowling/hatstall), and Hermione was close to hatstall.

  • Beauty Icon-member Alecia Walls

    It did say in the book that she was almost put in Ravenclaw by the girl herself, but I think though she was smart and used it a lot she didn't put it above bravery she instead used her brains in the course of bravery, which is some Gryffindor's downfalls, they have the outer coating of toughness but not the common and book sense needed to act out the actions in a correcting order. Everyone has an achilles heel. Hermione's was that she was too serious Harry's and Ron's were that they both often would attempt to act without a plan....why they all fit together so well

  • Beauty Icon-member Alecia Walls

    Why didn't Hermione and Draco end up together, don't get me wrong I love her and Ron but they just don't fit right together it never seemed what you'd expect something just always felt off I'd been hoping even knowing it would more than likely be in vain she'd end up with Draco

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